Event Management: is Diploma needed for a desired & lucrative career?

There are two major changes happening in India after the 1990 LPG (Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization). First is an exponential increase in the demand of Management personnel and second is the way ‘how we plan, organize and conduct an event’ along with various of kinds of events spurred due to the growth of business industry on a global scale and apparently the new way of Film-Television promotional strategy. Also, things to observe is the global level conferences & events, industrial exhibitions, concerts and the most important is Indian traditional & cultural Marriage Ceremony. Diploma in Event Management is considered the most exciting, lucrative and urgently needed the professional course. However, do students really need a degree or students can chart their own way towards success in Event Management industry, which has touched 5000 Crore profits in 2015?

iiem2 imageWhat exactly is the requirement and skills in an event management industry?

As said in above para, that India is witnessing a large no.s of events, there is not a single day when an event is not been conducted in any part of the India: exhibitions, musical shows, social gatherings, exhibitions, conferences, social parties, film promotion, reality episodes, fashion shows and much more. The way events are been showcased have a glitz, glamour, perfect service and attraction as the most integral and compulsory elements. But ‘how events are managed’ is a very sweaty process. Only a person at a backstage can tell that, ‘what amount of sweat and restless sleep were dedicated’ for a smooth functioning of an event. Here comes the role of ‘Management.’

Though each day and night of India see an event going, however, there is a supply-demand gap in event management personnel. Most significant one is the lack of skills in event management people and freelancers are not able to keep pace with skills requirement. To tackle such issues, many event management institutes have come forward to fill the above gap and need of skill development. One of the most reputed and renowned is IIEM- International Institute of Event Management in Delhi NCR.

Therefore, without any doubt, a ‘Diploma in Event Management’ is needed to have a desire and lucrative career: as there is a demand of skills by the event management industry and due to lack of such, anyone jumping right now or in coming 2-3 years will grow exponentially similar to the event management growth.

Event Management Institutes like IIEM as mentioned above impart the students- the necessary knowledge and skills through ‘Diploma in Event Management.’ They instil ‘Creativity’ along with the ‘Out of the box thinking’ in event management diploma students. Subject taught are mainly focused on Planning, Organization, Management and Leaderships. IIEM Delhi Diploma in event management is one of the courses, which need to focus on practical aspects and exposure along with salts of theories. The fact is that there are very few institutes, which deliver such. However, IIEM has hurdles such bar. Check out this blog to know how a diploma in emerging event management industry from above institute offers a lucrative and desired career path.


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